Indo-Pacific News

Strong US-India relation core of our approach to Indo-Pacific: Acting Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary

Vadja also said that the US’ Indo-Pacific strategy was “inclusive” and is not targeted against China or any other country so long as they played by the rules.

China's strategic intentions in Indo-Pacific region is destabilising: Pentagon

Randall Schriver said America's vision for the Indo-Pacific region excludes no nation as it seeks to partner with all nations that respect national sovereignty, fair and reciprocal trade and the rule of law.


Raja Mandala: Sailing into the Indo-Pacific

As Delhi’s economic weight grows and its strategic footprint widens, the return of the idea, and the ambition, was inevitable.

US for strong Indo-Pacific quadrilateral in face of China's military modernisation

US, India, Japan and Australia together would be able to stabilise the region and maintain rules-based order