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After 2+2 delay, India declines US offer to host Nirmala Sitharaman

Nirmala Sitharaman was slated to follow up the ‘2+2’ meeting on July 6 with a visit to the Pentagon and bilateral talks with US Defence Secretary James Mattis.

Defence cooperation with India important for Indo-US ties

Donald Trump administration has told the US Congress that defence cooperation with India would be an important pillar in the bilateral relationship between the two nations. The Trump regime "strongly supports" transfers of fighter proposals which have the potential to take Indo-US defence ties to the next level, it said.


Congress hails Manmohan Singh for convincing US on terror issue

Digvijay Singh has welcomed Rahul Gandhi's attack on the ordinance on lawmakers.

Narendra Modi as PM will strengthen India-US ties: US scholars

Despite US's 'human rights' reservations about Modi,it has ben moving to engage the Gujarat CM.

India-US naval ties have hit the "big time": US admiral

India-US Malabar naval exercise had been scaled down because of "issues" on both sides.

'Technology,economy and energy new drivers of India-US ties'

Heritage Foundation today released its report on India-US relationship.


India-US ties retreating under Obama: Romney camp

For first time Romney campaign publicly expresses views on India,says it would like to restore ties.

India-US third strategic dialogue next week

SM Krishna,who will arrive in Washington on June 11,will co-chair the dialogue with Secretary of State Clinton.

'US considers India as an anchor of stability in Asia'

In the post-Cold war era,India is fashioning a new role for itself alongside the US.