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Conveyed expectation for non-discriminatory H-1B visa programme to US: MEA

Most of the Indian IT professionals go to the US on the H-1B non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in speciality occupations requiring theoretical or technical expertise.

Lack of predictability, coherence in India-US strategic relationship: Congressman to Pompeo

Congressman Eliot L Engel, in a letter, urged Pompeo to not only reaffirm and strengthen the US-India strategic partnership, but also convey a coherent set of objectives and predictability to the new Indian government.


Donald Trump likes Modi: White House official on US-India ties

'Trump likes Modi. You know he talks about other leaders too.…The way in which he talks about a few other leaders whom he just likes and gets along with, Modi is one of them,' said Raj Shah, the White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary

Top Donald Trump quotes from his presser with PM Modi: 'Our ties have never been stronger and better'

From Congratulating the Indian leader for his efforts in fighting corruption to pointing out how he and Modi were world leaders in social media, the American President had quite a few nice things to say about his guest.

India, US and a five-point plan

Modi and Trump must build on convergence between their nations’ interests.

India-US joint statement full text: From climate change to NSG

The leaders welcomed the significant progress made in bilateral relations between India and the United States during their tenure


Modi-Obama camaraderie in pictures: From White House to Hyderabad House gardens

Prime Minister Modi met President Omaba at the White House last night . Here we present a picture series on their meetings in the last two years.

India to open new consulate in Seattle

This was reflected in a joint statement issued after Modi-Obama talks.

Obama questions Pakistan PM on delay in 26/11 trial

Sharif appeared to have made no headway on his objectives of stopping drone attacks.

India,US to move beyond buyer-seller ties in defence: PM

The defence declaration,terms India as a “closest partner”,placing it in the same category as its key allies like the UK and Israel in the defence sector.

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Interview With Shiv Shankar Menon

“Terrorism is not the kind of strategic threat that is in the public mind and in the media. If you look at deaths from terrorism, they have come down steadily,” said Shiv Shankar Menon. Over time, the state in India has learnt how to do counterterrorism better and better. Terrorism is not the kind of […]