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Woman gang leader found guilty of robbing Indian-American homes across US

Chaka Castro and her accomplices committed a string of home invasions in Georgia, New York, Ohio, Michigan and Texas from 2011 to 2014.

Donald Trump lauds contributions of Indian-Americans on Independence-Day

"As we celebrate this magnificent milestone for people of India, we proudly recognise all of Hindus and Indian Americans who have been influential in shaping character of our great nation," Trump said, according to his message read on the occasion.


Proposed California school textbooks portray Hinduism in negative light: Hindu Education Foundation

Negative portrayal of Hinduism has led to several instances of bullying of Hindu children in classrooms, according to Director of Hindu Education Foundation USA (HEF)

Clinton campaign criticises Trump for mocking Indians, launches 'Indian-Americans for Hillary'

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has slammed Republican frontrunner Donald Trump for mocking an Indian call centre worker

US presidential award for two Indian American scientists

Awardees are selected for their pursuit of innovative research at the frontiers of science and technology.

Republican party denies inviting Modi to address leaders via video link

Republican party leaders on Friday said that they have not invited Modi to address them via video link at the Capitol Hill.


IT firm run by Indian-Americans to fix Obamacare website

Founded in 1997 by Tony Singh,QSSI is one of the top IT companies in the healthcare sector.

Two Indian-Americans shot dead in US,1 held

The incident has sent shock waves among the Sikh community in the US.

Seven Indian-Americans involved in medical kickback racket

Indian-Americans,has been charged for their alleged involvement in a scheme in which over USD 2.3 million.

The Art Talkies

Professor Kathyrn Myers decodes Indian art for her Connecticut students through 60 video interviews with celebrated artists.