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Five iconic Indian scientists who made us proud

Learn about these prominent Indian scientists, who made India what it is today.

Three scientists from Pune elected as IASc fellows

Kanekar’s work involves understanding the formation of the galaxy and its evolution, the interstellar medium along with atomic and molecular spectroscopy, and he is presently an associate professor at NCRA.


Astrophysicist Jayant Narlikar Turns 80: ‘Despite excellent work at many labs, a Nobel Prize in science eludes India since 1930’

Jayant Narlikar, professor emeritus at the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) and one of the most famous residents of the city, turned 80 on Thursday.

83rd INSA meet: ‘Political polarisation, silence of scientists affecting research and development in India’

“Science is under attack, due to the pernicious political landscape, coupled with the practiced scientific model, which is at least a century old and finds no relevance in the 21st century,” said a senior member of the Indian National Science Academy (INSA).

Significant rise in number of Indian scientists returning to country: Govt

"There is a significant increase in the number of Indian scientists returning to work in India during the last five years...the number of Indian scientists returned to India in the last five years (2012-17) stands at 649 as against 243 in the period 2007-12."

Indians are the top Asian researchers in the US: Report

The NCSES report says that immigrant scientists and engineers are more likely to earn post-baccalaureate degrees than their US-born counterparts


‘In India, it’s easy to be depressed if you are a scientist’

The biggest block for innovation and research in India is fear of failure.

And now for the brain gain

India needs to create the bandwidth to absorb the best of the returnees.

Indian scientists develop insulin pill for diabetics

In experiments with rats,the “pill” lowered blood glucose levels almost as much as injected insulin.

Two Indian scientists discover youngest Supernova remnant

Two Indian scientists discovered the youngest supernova remnant within the galaxy using Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope.