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Indian-origin doctor embroiled in healthcare fraud in US freed on record USD 7 mn bond

Rajendra Bothra, 77, who was awarded Padmashri, India's fourth-highest civilian award, was indicted along with five other physicians in the alleged USD 464 million healthcare fraud conspiracy, which the federal government said fuelled the opioid epidemic.

Three Indian-origin persons sentenced for USD 9.3mn mortgage fraud scheme

Surjit Singh, 72 was sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison, his son, Rajeshwar Singh, 44 was sentenced to 11 years and three months in prison on counts of mail fraud, bank fraud and false statements on loan and credit applications.


UK unveils new organ donation plan to address Indian-origin shortages

India has seen a 10-fold increase in its organ donation consent rates over the last decade as a result of sustained public awareness programmes, policy initiatives, and multi-stakeholder collaboration, the findings reveal.

Singapore: Indian-origin man robs petrol pump employee at knife point

Vaduvelu, who has been charged with committing armed robbery, faces a maximum of 10 years in jail and at least 12 strokes of caning if found guilty. He was remanded without bail, and his next hearing will be held next week.

Indian-origin doctor Leo Varadkar becomes Ireland's first gay prime minister

"When my father travelled 5,000 miles to build a new home in Ireland, I doubt he ever dreamed his son would grow up to be its leader," Vardkar said.

Indian-origin councillor elected as Loughton mayor in UK

Philip Abraham, the newly appointed Mayor, is also the founder of the UK-Kerala Business Forum and the co-founder of British South India Council of Commerce.


‘Top maths prize to Bhargava will inspire generations of Indian students’

"He is one of the finest mathematical minds in the world today and much more is expected of him in the future.”

Nairobi mall attack: Pregnant Indian RJ among victims

Another Indian man,deigning to escape by identifying himself as Muslim,was shot.

Life Search

Siddharth,director Richie Mehta’s film that deals with the extraordinary life of a common man,will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival

Indian-origin transsexual avoids caning,gets 14 months jail

An Indian origin transgender living in Singapore was sentenced to 14 months jail for damaging property and harassing a debtor.