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‘A mother’s tears’ bring rival Sunni sects together

Barelvi’s top cleric visits Darul Uloom Deoband to take up cause of young Muslims being arrested.

Muslims and RSS cannot afford to go on hating

Today the BJP has become the central force in Indian politics. Can it afford the luxury of hating such a large population?


On Their Watch

For the past few years, a bunch of websites have been addressing issues specific to Muslims and other minority communities, as well as breaking stories that would otherwise go unnoticed in mainstream media.

The radicalisation myth: Islam doesn't propagate hatred, it teaches equality

For Indian Muslims, the concerns are far more serious — from their safety to livelihood opportunities

Indian Muslims are different. Let's preserve Indian Muslimhood.

A few sadhvis and mahants and protagonists from Hindutva ideology making objectionable statements is no threat to the well entrenched multi-religious togetherness in India.

Amid seat-sharing tussle, Shiv Sena backs Narendra Modi for praising Muslims

'Modi has lauded Indian Muslims for their patriotism, they must not let him down', an editorial in 'Saamana' said.


Modi’s remark to please US, shed communal image: UP Minister

The PM said that Indian Muslims will live and die for India and not dance to the tunes of terror outfit Al Qaeda.

PM's statement to please US, shed his communal image: UP Minister

Minister for primary education urged the PM to ask RSS, VHP, Hindu Jagran Manch and other Hindutva organisations to adopt his views.

Xi Jinping realistic, more principled than his predecessors: Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama said that it is "something new" when a communist leaders mentions about importance of spiritualism.

'Attacks against minorities in India increased in past year'

Reports by faith-based rights agencies showed that Christians had suffered about 150 violent attacks on an average.