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'Global military spending rises to USD 1.739 trillion, India among top 5 spenders'

The report said that China's military spending, at an estimated USD 228 billion, accounted for 48 per cent of the total defence spending in the Asia and Oceania region.

ANC commander-in-chief to take up indiscipline cases of Army, IAF, Navy personnel

The government has made the provision as part of its policy to ensure operational synergies among the three services, official sources said.


Global Firepower ranks India's military as fourth strongest, Pakistan on 13th

India’s has managed to maintain its position in the top five military powers in the world on the Global Firepower List 2017 in comparison to Pakistan, which only managed to break in the top 15 last year. India was trailed by major military powers like France, the UK, Japan, Turkey, Germany and to complete the top 10.

What is India's military strength?

India seems to be modernising its military and its nuclear capabilities keeping an eye on China. India's declared policy is of nuclear deterrence and no first strike. However, the modernisation program, particularly the ballistic missiles program, shows that India is intent on bringing the whole of China in its strike range.

US wants a stronger Indian military to deter, not provoke, conflict with China

If the United States could flip a switch and make the Indian military more powerful than it is today, it would have every interest in doing so

Eight coastal radar stations in state integrated with Naval intel network

20 Naval and 31 Coast Guard radar stations across the country have been connected so far.


Reconfiguring the military

India needs a matrix structure where the operational and support roles are separated.

Getting aggressive on defence

How to recover from UPA’s record on military modernisation and national security.

No chance of a military coup in India: A K Antony

A K Antony defends Army and says incident of troops' march ‘a closed chapter.’

US analyst lauds India's military restraint,but cautions against 'position of weakness'

Perkovich said that Pakistan has not been following SC resolution on taking action against terrorism