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As temperatures soar, glacial area cover over Western Himalayas shrinks: experts

Glaciers and snow cover over the Himalayan ranges holds key in irrigation, drinking water and other needs for lakhs of people living in the mountain ranges and along the foothills of these ranges.

IITM works on climate model for IPCC meet

This will be a change from seasonal prediction to a long-term climate model covering all parameters.


IITM RECRUITMENT 'SCAM': More trouble for Pol, CBI set to question him this week

He sought help from Goswami to get job for an acquaintance: CBI in court

IITM ‘atmosphere vitiated,’ but Union ministry decides to wait

‘Ye sub chhoti chhoti baatein hain...’ says ministry secretary; CBI action awaited after Bardhan bail plea was rejected

IITM muddle out in the open, dark clouds over top brass

The raid, say scientists, at least focused on a national institute “where several objectionable activities were being carried on blatantly.”

IITM: CBI books 3; lookout notice against advisor to director

Employees point fingers at director Goswami.


Chief Minister tells IITM to relay lightning details to Mantralaya

16 lightning detectors at various locations in state can predict severe thunderstorms and give warnings one to two hours ahead

Particle alarm from city to city

Beig had developed a system of air pollution forecasting and research during the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

‘IITM model will help in long-range monsoon forecast in advance by 2017’

The Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) will be able to give more accurate long-range forecast predictions in advance for the south west monsoon by 2017.

IISER to start course in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences soon

Course will be introduced at the core level,it will be offered to IISER students in the advanced course.