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The government's obsession with cows: A case of misplaced priorities

In India, cattle protection has suddenly emerged as the government's prime agenda, marginalising or trivialising other issues higher up on the scale of grave importance.

Demonetisation: Pakistan, Venezuela unwilling to go the whole way like Modi on note ban

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's demonetisation move appears to be popular, at least politically. It has been echoed in at least two other developing countries, where Venezuela and Pakistan have taken a similar route.


India uses 118-yr-old extradition law to help Chile crack murder case

Chile has sought extradition of French woman in Tihar for her alleged role in the killing of a parliamentarian in 1991.

BMW steps up parts localization by 50% in India

Currently, BMW assembles eight models at its production facility in Chennai.

Cap raised, government assent must for IAS, IPS officers before accepting gifts over Rs 5,000

According to the recently amendments they also need to inform government if they accept gifts of over Rs 25,000 from their relatives or friends.

Govt owes around Rs 600 cr to Air India for VVIP travel

Air India is surviving on a bailout package approved in 2012.


Centre’s steps on IP issues positive, says US trade body

The US Trade Representative officials hoped that these steps would culminate in India addressing its concerns over the IP issues

Attempted suicide no longer punishable by prison: Govt

The government panel for legal reform had deemed the suicide law "anachronistic" and "undesirable".

Black money: The word this week

Starting this issue, a snappy take on a word, concept or news that has been the talk of the town.

‘Black money: SC needs to be on same page for better global cooperation’

Stating that the government took a measured risk, the official said that it “asked the Supreme Court to reconsider its interpretation.

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Mehul Choksi says Enforcement Directorate’s allegations against him “false and baseless”

The fugitive jeweller has spoken about the allegations against him for the first time. Mehul Choksi claimed that he tried to revoke the suspension of his passport with the Indian authorities.

Mumbai youth goes missing in Pakistan

Mumbai, Jan 15 (ANI): A Mumbai youth named Nehal Ahmed Ansari went missing in Pakistan while searching for a tribal girl. Mother of the missing said that he went to Pakistan for a job. During his stay he made Facebook friends in Pakistan and hence became friends with this unidentified girl. According to the Facebook messages, this girl was in trouble and Nehal wanted to rescue and help her. While helping this girl, Nehal went missing. The Pakistan Government has assured the Nehal’s parents of his safety. They also stated that the Indian government is also actively involved in the case.