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The foreign policy challenge

Beyond polls at home, India faces the same challenges as before in its relations with the rest of the world. From Pakistan and China to other neighbours and US, five areas at the centre of India’s foreign policy.

A wider view of Colombo

As Sushma Swaraj visits Sri Lanka, India should invest its diplomatic capital in finding a constitutional solution.


A new Panchsheel

Modi brings five new emphases to the way India deals with the world.

The less said, the worse

India’s silence on critical global issues fits poorly with its global aspirations.

National Interest: 156-inch heart

That’s what you need after a 56-inch chest delivers you a majority. Modi knows this as he takes a national stage and makes it global.

Modi’s world

BJP manifesto’s vagueness on foreign policy could be his opportunity.


A tested partnership

At a time of churn in Af-Pak,Russia and India cannot lose confidence in each other.

India,China share notes on Central Asia in first ever dialogue

High point of the dialogue was the similar approach they both take towards Central Asia.

Indian foreign policy hostage to IFS,says article

India’s foreign policy decisions are highly individualistic,Indian foreign service (IFS) officers wield enormous power while enjoying near-anonymity

Former diplomat Damodaran dies

Ampadi K Damodaran,one of the brightest and sharpest minds that the Indian foreign policy establishment had seen,died here on Tuesday. He was 91