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Why farmers don’t like direct cash transfers

The main reason for rejecting the DCT (as opposed to DBT) option was the belief that paying market price for fertilisers upfront would result in additional financial burden.

From Plate to Plough: The right to choose

Government could give fertiliser subsidy directly to farmers and let them decide if they want to practise zero budget natural farming or use chemical-fertilisers.


Farm reform: From company to kisan

The Modi government is readying a plan to pay fertiliser subsidy directly to farmers through e-wallets.

From Plate to Plough: In the shade of solar trees

Helping farmers produce solar energy can help realise the government’s target of doubling farmers’ incomes.

Creating the right ‘market connect’ for boosting farm incomes

Moving agriculture from State to Concurrent list can produce gains similar to that from GST

For the farmer, things to do

Affordable inputs, access to credit and formal land-leasing are some of the urgent requirements for the small and marginal farmer.


PM Modi is said to plan cash handout for Indian farmers before election

The income support program involves a certain amount as monthly payout to farmers and could benefit as many as 150 million farm households, a key bloc that can influence the election outcome.

From food security to nutrition security

Biotechnology can be a game-changer in the battle against malnutrition in much the same way that the Green Revolution was in ensuring self sufficiency.

The price is wrong

Getting the right remuneration is the most critical issue facing farmers. Government must provide policy, institutional framework for procurement.

Fall Armyworm: Nipping a problem in the bud

India has to effectively deal with this new insect that can devastate maize and a host of other crops. This pest has been seen in the Americas since several decades.