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The choices of Karva Chauth

Why are so many economically independent women keen to participate in rituals that would seem to treat men as superior beings?

A contest of ideas,not agendas

We need a politics that puts national imperatives ahead of partisanship,if we are to rise to tomorrow’s challenges


Coaching colonels in Bundelkhand,Einstein Public School in Lalganj

The talk,wherever you go chasing elections in Uttar Pradesh,is about education,jobs,better life,aspiration


The plan to oppose Zubin Mehta’s concert with another concert in Srinagar is significant. It is a moment of departure in Kashmir.

What's age got to do with it?

It is ideas,interests and institutions that shape policy choices

Challenges on the move

Rahul Gandhi said it: we need policies to improve conditions for economic migrants


The clash within

The Arab world is entering a long period of intra-state and intra-regional instability

Constitutionally strong,functionally weak

The face-off between the West Bengal government and the state election commission frames the predicament of the SECs

Changing course in Africa

The continent is experiencing rising rates of growth. But will growth be translated into development?

PPP and Baby B

In Pakistan,conspiracy theories are often less surprising than the truth