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The January night Raisina Hill was spooked: Two key Army units moved towards Delhi without notifying Govt

Army called it routine exercise but so deep is distrust,alarm bells rang at highest levels in govt.

Unit set up by V K Singh used secret funds to try and topple J&K govt,block Bikram Singh: Army probe

Lt Gen Bhatia's report calls for probe by agency like CBI into Technical Services Division; report with PMO.


Intermediary tells Express: Gen Singh said you will get it in the neck if you publish

General V K Singh was contacted on telephone by The Indian Express on September 17 but did not respond to calls or text messages.

Government confirms Army secret report on 'undesirable activities' in Gen V K Singh's 'rogue' unit

Defence Ministry confirmed the IE story,saying it has 'received a report from the Army HQ'.

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