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August 31, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Capital Murders

August 31, 1978, Forty Years Ago: The Delhi Police was in the dock in both Houses of Parliament for what members charged was “criminal negligence” on its part in handling the case of kidnapping of two children and their subsequent murder.

Despite their misery

Having hosted an outstanding World Cup, Brazil can now look ahead to the Olympics


Here are six Indian Express op-eds that created the most impact in 2015

These Indian Express opinion pieces were widely read and prompted debates on social media

Letters to the Editor: First prize

This refers to the editorial, ‘Winter is coming’ (August 14). To dub the monsoon session a wash-out would be a gross understatement.

Discounted crown jewels

Government needs to live up to its reformist claims, frame a strategic vision for PSUs

Singapore sling

Scrapping Delhi’s old cars is good. Doing it less suddenly would have been better


Being bank friendly

RBI guidelines will help enhance financial inclusion. But there is scope to make them less restrictive

The right call

Government must use Vodafone transfer pricing case to signal a more stable tax regime

Unfinished inning

Phillip Hughes will be mourned. But there is no cause for alarmism regarding the game

The public duty of private schools

Removing charitable status would be politically contentious that it could trigger a wider tit-for-tat war over the role of charities.