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Swearing-in or swearing-at?

Either the Sangh Parivar dilutes its demands from Sharif government. Or Sharif pulls off the impossible. Neither is feasible

Counting on cities

Why a new player like Kejriwal can,but a PM aspirant like Modi shouldn’t.


'We were never a force of the city-state of Delhi. For us,Delhi was a deliberate choice'

Yogendra Yadav spent the most part of Christmas Day meeting individuals,nearly 60 in all,involved in people’s movements across the country.

More than the sum of its runs

For the Test to fulfil its potential for great cricket,teams must be given more time to prepare.

Separate and unequal

Kashmir has been treated like a colony,a separate and unequal part of the Union ever since.


We need measures to evaluate how transparent and fair our investigative agencies are.


Blunt hammer syndrome

UPA didn’t make a nuanced case for contesting the judgment on convicted MPs.

‘Vipassana was like coming home’

S.N. Goenka brought the Buddha's teaching of ‘living wisdom’ back to the country of its birth.

The Nehru Papers: When an MP wrote to Nehru to 'stop bholi-bhali Indu's election as Cong chief'

'Selected Works',papers of Jawaharlal Nehru from 1959,have just been released as serial volumes.

Social media,social ignorance

Twitter outrage over the mannequin ban does not reflect Mumbai’s many conflicting moralities.