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Indian employers rank stress as No 1 lifestyle risk factor: Survey

It is noteworthy that Indian employers fared better than their Asia Pacific counterparts in managing employees’ work -related stress,

CSR activity matters for Indian employees: Ipsos survey

Employees in India have one of the highest regards for corporate social responsibility as more than half of the employees in the country are concerned about companies’ behaviour towards society,says a survey.


Indian Red Cross employee abducted in Yemen,released

An Indian employee of the International Red Cross in southern Yemen was kidnapped on Wednesday along with a local worker by armed tribesmen but were released within hours.

Boss jailed for dumping dying Indian employee by roadside

For leaving his injured employee by the roadside,Singaporean employer jailed for 9 months.

Indian sentenced to year in prison for stealing trade secrets

Shalin Jhaveri,an ex-employee of Bristol-Myers-Squibb, admitted stealing trade secrets from the drug manufacturer.