Indian diplomat arrest

Indian diplomat arrest News

India,US in 'conversation' to resolve diplomat issue

Is it unreasonable to expect our diplomat to serve with dignity,asks Khurshid

Devyani seeks quashing of visa fraud case in US court

Devyani's lawyer Arschack says that the indictment must be dismissed because the immunity bestowed upon Khobragade "applied retroactively".


Devyani Khobragade has no immunity, says US

Khobragade enjoys no immunity from criminal prosecution on charges of visa fraud and making false statements, said US.

Devyani's maid being forced to return to India,alleges US prosecutor

The prosecutor confirmed that the family of Devyani's maid has been "evacuated" from India.

Drop case against Khobragade unconditionally,demands Salman Khurshid

India requested US government to trace the maid and prevent her from blackmailing Khobragade.

Devyani case third instance of maids accusing Indian diplomats

Devyani was arrested last week and has been accused of visa fraud and false statements.


Devyani's arrest: India says just regret not enough,US needs to accept its mistake

US should apologise in unambiguous terms and accept their mistake,said Kamal Nath.

To ensure diplomatic immunity,India shifts Khobragade to Permanent Mission in New York

Complication is that she would have to apply for a fresh diplomatic card through the UN.

Devyani's maid underpaid,'frustrating' that focus shifted to diplomat: Lawyer

Case is about Devyani lying to federal govt about wages she was required to pay to maid: Lawyer

Diplomat arrest: Devyani fell victim to planned conspiracy,alleges father

Uttam Khobragade accused the maid of fraud and said all charges must be dropped against Devyani.