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Out of my mind: It is democracy that unites India

The first person to rule over all India (excluding what became Pakistan) was Dr Rajendra Prasad. India had to become a sovereign democratic republic to achieve a single geographical shape.

Democracy India's greatest strength, must be defended at any cost: Rahul Gandhi

The Congress chief said then said: "Our democracy is our greatest strength. We must defend it at any cost." He recalled that one day an Afghan lawmaker, who visited him in his office, told him that in her country, the arguments that place in Indian Parliament, are carried out with guns.


Across the aisle: The year ends on a sombre note

Democracy will survive in India only if we restore the balance.

The Land of Steady Habits

In its 50th year, Shrilal Shukla’s iconic Hindi novel Raag Darbari continues to show us how the grand narrative of an overarching Indian democracy cannot be built by overlooking the little myths, delicious ironies and flawed romances of individual lives.

A Student Of India

Susanne Rudolph helped explain Indian democracy in all its complexity

57 yrs and discovering India: Padma Bhushan Mr & Mrs Rudolph

Rudolphs were “always open to a free exchange of ideas, and ready to correct themselves”, said Sarangi. “They treated students as co-participants in the process of learning.


The resilience of briefcase politics

After-effects of the 1969 ban on corporate donations to political parties linger.

Express Adda: 'This government has turned us all into cynics'

At Express Adda in Delhi,Shekhar Gupta,Adil Zainulbhai,Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Mallika Sarabhai.

Out of My Mind: Miles to go

Perhaps four or even six smaller states may finally bring good governance to the poor and unhappy people of Uttar Pradesh.

Friends and neighbours

On Day 1, PM Modi signalled a welcome foreign policy resolve. Pakistan will be the real test.