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President Kovind gives assent to bill providing 10% quota for general category poor

The Constitution (124th Amendment) Bill 2019 provides 10 per cent reservation in jobs and educational institutions to the economically weaker sections in the general category.

The Constitution was founded on these

Our founding fathers were driven by the learnings of the past, the turmoil of the present and the possibilities of the future.


When BR Ambedkar defended time taken for drafting constitution

“If the Drafting Committee was drifting, it was never without mastery over the situation. It was not merely angling with the off chance of catching a fish. It was searching in known waters to find the fish it was after. To be in search of something better is not the same as drifting,” Ambedkar said.

Unification of India apart, Vallabhbhai Patel also had a role in drafting the Constitution

"..It means something and it is there because, for two hundred years, attempts have been made by foreign rulers to keep them in groups apart with their customs and other things in order that the foreigners' rule may be smooth. The rulers did not want that there should be any change."

Tax and the people

The ultimate purpose of the entire legal and political edifice is to acknowledge and buttress the democratic existence of the body politic.

A Rule Of Law Culture

Rule of law must become a part of people’s everyday lives if it is to be safeguarded .


Supreme Court rejects plea challenging appointment of ministers

The petition was filed by Bihar-based advocate H P Singh, who sought quashing of the appointment of some ministers in Union and Bihar governments.

Unfinished work of equality

To improve the educational status of Scheduled Castes, a fresh understanding of their achievements and challenges is necessary.

How we failed Ambedkar

Facing up to him means confronting questions of our own complicity and guilt.