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A Class Act

Mandar and Dakshayani Karanjkar promote classical music among the younger generation.

Making the Sound of Music

A documentary by filmmaker Nandit Desai explores Gwalior gharana, the oldest bastions of khayal gayaki and one of the most significant chapters in the history of Hindustani classical tradition.


At Bengal Classical Music Festival held in Dhaka, music signified much more than just clusters of seven notes

Dhaka's Bengal Classical Music Festival is not touted as merely a festival. As the country's culture minister believes, violence against minority communities can be tackled through the strength of music and that's the purpose of the all-night, five-day music festival that's free for all.

Life of a Caregiver

Why the world of Indian classical music should be indebted to flautist Nityanand Haldipur

Mix of senior and young artistes raise the bar on final day of Sawai

North American channel to promote Sawai in HD format; Sonu Nigam to be presenter of first-ever web capsule.

Weaving Hindustani music, dance into Singapore culture

TFA is not a business venture, some projects are sponsored by the Singapore government.


Found Art Project

Theatre group Tadpole Repertory, dance forum Gati, and music organisation for at-risk youth Music Basti have come on board.

Unheard melodies: A tribute to late rudra veena exponent Ustad Asad Ali Khan

In her latest documentary, Renuka George pays tribute to late rudra veena exponent Ustad Asad Ali Khan.

Mandolin Shrinivas is remembered for his humility and technical prowess

U Shrinivas, better known as Mandolin Shrinivas, is remembered for his humility and technical prowess

Ragas reloaded

Musicologist and bureaucrat KL Pande bridges the gap between Bollywood and Indian classical music through Raagopedia — a collection of 14,000 film songs studied through ragas