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The new corruption

Businessman-politician nexus has undermined state’s independence, promotion of public good.

In fact: Chronicle of a bank collapse foretold — and lessons that endure

In 1988, in what was then Madras, a top law enforcement agency raided the residence of an executive director of a state-owned bank. Late that night, the report on the raid was pulled out of a newspaper at the last minute. Two days later, the executive director became the chairman of a bank in that […]


Promoters, management should be alienated for corporate misdemeanours: S S Mundra

Mundra also warned banks against going fully into retail business saying “retail is not the panacea.”

In India bank account penetration surges, but 43% dormant

Globally, 15% of adults with an account at a financial institution, representing about 460 mn people, reported making no deposit or withdrawal in 12 months.

9 PSBs set to get part-time chairmen

The government is also considering G Narayanan for Vijaya Bank and TCV Subramanian for Indian Bank.

Modi congratulates banks for opening 11.5 crore accounts under Jan Dhan Yojana

99.74 per cent of all households in the country are now covered under the Jan Dhan scheme.


Gross NPAs of Indian banks set to hit 4.5%, says S&P

According to S&P, any aggressive market share gaining tactics by new banking entrants may adversely impact the banking sector’s stability.

Little by little

Crowdfunding offers hope for small businesses. Sebi will need to rise to the regulatory challenge

Rising confidence abroad to fuel record bond issues

Spreads have tightened and are at their lowest level since 2007.

Banking on ourselves

What we must learn and unlearn from the West’s financial overhaul.