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President Donald Trump says India charging US over 100 per cent tariffs on many products

Addressing the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas on Saturday, Trump said: "We have a case where a certain country, India, is charging us... what great country, great friend, Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi -- charging us over 100 per cent for many things".

India, US agree to build six nuclear power plants in India

Post-waiver, India signed civil nuclear cooperation agreements with the US, France, Russia, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Sri Lanka, the UK, Japan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan and South Korea.


Between India-US 2+2 bilateral dialogue, words that carry Delhi’s weight

‘Territory under Pak control’ refers to PoK; ‘proxies’ to terror groups in polls

US imposes preliminary anti-dumping duties of over 50 per cent on metal pipes made in India

The US Commerce Department said it will make a final ruling in November on whether the pipe from India and China is dumped into the US market.

Time now for India, US to commit to joint defence projects, says former Pentagon official

To see tangible progress beyond a buyer seller paradigm, the official argued that the Indian government must make a programme commitment with a 'Make in India' benefit.

India, US should finalise joint defence agreement: US think tank

Stressing that India and the US must build an economic relationship that creates jobs and opportunities for the people of both nations, the report said that the United States and India must look not just at areas like hi-tech, but also at infrastructure, to expand the benefits of investment and trade to all sectors of societies


President Donald Trump moves from 'AfPak' to 'AfPakIndia'

The six-pillar strategy shifts the perspective from which the US sees Afghanistan. From “AfPak,” an abbreviation that referred to the Afghanistan-Pakistan twinning that characterized Barack Obama’s take on the region, Donald Trump has changed this to “AfPakIndia.”

PM Modi the kind of leader that India needed, says Ed Royce

Recalling his Gujarat visit during the Bhuj earthquake, Royce said his memory about Prime Minister Modi is of a Chief Minister who brought order out of chaos in his state.

India crucial to Asia-Pacific safety, stability: US Senator

"A strong India-US partnership can anchor peace, prosperity and stability from Asia to Africa and from Indian Ocean to the Pacific."

PM Modi in US: India geared to become driver of global economy

Pitching India in front of American businesses and investors Modi said that India is poised as the "new engine of economic growth"