India US nuclear deal

India US nuclear deal News

10 years after India-US nuclear deal: 'Manmohan Singh wanted to pull out after US U-turn’

US proposed to let India have just two of its reactors out of international safeguards: Former NSA.

Anil Kakodkar: Must target 63,000mw nuclear-power by 2032

Kakodkar said India now needed to accelerate the construction of the reactors, and build them in a “convoy” mode.


Tele scope: The NamObama show

It was non-stop. And everyone watched radio.

The big deal

Political recognition of the need to resolve the liability issue was necessary for implementing the Indo-US nuclear agreement.

India looks to use US formula to convince France and Australia

India signed an uranium supply agreement with Australia last September, when PM Tony Abbott visited the country.

After n-logjam clears, industry awaits fine print on cost, viability

The comparative cost of setting up a supercritical-technology based thermal power project is around Rs 6 crore per mega watt.


Explained: Nuclear deal moves, but some way still to go

The situation now is that White House expects a “Memorandum of Law”, explaining compatibility of Indian law

Ten years and waiting

India cannot afford to indefinitely defer the transformative opportunities promised by the India-US nuclear deal.

Narendra Modi government to re-engage US on nuclear deal

Indian negotiators have also been told to wrap up time-bound “project proposals”.

Mandate for hope is plan for change: Modi government outlines ambitious agenda

PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS z By 2022, every family to have pucca house with bijli, sadak, paani, toilet, promises Govt