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Lower House passes Bill to ban commercial surrogacy

Terming the need to ban commercial surrogacy as “the need of the hour”, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said almost all countries had banned it.

What is The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill 2016

The bill aims to shut down surrogacy shops, allowing only altruistic surrogacy,  and banning commercial surrogacy.


Karan Johar has a right to have children, like anyone else

Tradition and society dictate that marriage and biological parenthood should coincide. However, a physically and mentally stable adult who has the wherewithal to take on the responsibility of a child, should be allowed to become a parent

No more tourist visa for commissioning surrogacy in India

The conditions include that the foreign man and woman are duly married.

Australians turning to India for surrogacy

India is preferred destination for commercial surrogacy,followed by Thailand and US.