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IITH develops low-cost, eco-friendly solar cells using 'kumkum dye'

The most familiar solar cells today are made up of silicon and can be seen in the various overhead panels and other places.

Farm electricity dues have soared to Rs 32,000 cr, state plans to shift farm consumers to solar power

Out of the total project cost of Rs 240 crore, the Centre and the state will bear Rs 50 crore and Rs 12 crore, respectively, said Bawankule.


Solar cells: Government drops safeguard duty as high court reiterates stay

The duty on cell imports, analysts had said, could potentially raise solar power tariffs by 50 paise per unit and have significant implications for the country’s ambitious renewable capacity addition programme.

ISRO to help Adani Group maximise solar power production

The company is currently using data from foreign satellites to manage their solar power parks.

Solar power; sunny side down

Does the German experience aimed at promoting renewables such as solar and wind to replace fossil fuel capacity and nuclear energy, have any relevance in India’s case?

ADB to provide $150 mn to help India scale up solar power use

In a bid to diversify India's energy mix towards renewable sources,ADB will provide $150 mn.