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Why on Instagram Modi, Rahul share a softer side of their political lives

Instagram is a different strategy for most top politicians. Here politics and campaigning take a backseat as the focus is clearly on relatability, compassion and humility. And this is clearly in contrast to the in-your-face rhetoric on Twitter or Facebook.

Demonetisation: Pakistan, Venezuela unwilling to go the whole way like Modi on note ban

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's demonetisation move appears to be popular, at least politically. It has been echoed in at least two other developing countries, where Venezuela and Pakistan have taken a similar route.


Lost without a map

The Left’s criticism of a theoretically unsophisticated AAP says more about its own distance from reality.

Cong brings in PC, Khurshid as senior spokespersons

Singhvi back in spokespersons’ panel that includes Tharoor

Chidambaram, Khurshid and Tharoor among spokespersons chosen by Congress

On Tuesday, new Rajasthan Pradesh Congress chief Sachin Pilot took charge of his new responsibility.

BJP calls AAP anarchic, anti-people; demands Somnath Bharti's resignation

It also accused Kejriwal of speaking the language of Maoists and being incapable of governance.


Ex-home secretary now a BJP man, won't react to his charges: Shinde

Singh had accused the Home Minister of spreading misinformation and said he was'nt fit to be the Home Minister.

Prashant Bhushan's press conference disrupted by repeat offender, AAP sees BJP-Cong conspiracy

The disruptor said his actions were motivated by Bhushan's comments on holding referendum for army presence in Kashmir.

Uproar over Telangana,children deaths in Muzaffarnagar,Parliament adjourned twice

Due to incessant protests by various parties,both Houses postponed proceedings until 2 PM.

Delhi’s abdication

PM’s decision not to go to Colombo is a cave-in to narrow considerations. There will be a price to pay.