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India, Pakistan forces to be part of military exercise in Russia

This will be the first time that forces from India and Pakistan will participate in a multilateral exercise together since the airstrikes conducted by Indian forces in Balakot earlier this year.

After Samjhauta Express, Delhi-Lahore bus service cancelled

"Consequent to Pakistan's decision to suspend the Delhi-Lahore bus service, DTC is not able to send bus (from Delhi to Lahore) from August 12," said a statement from DTC.


Pakistan lawmaker says 'Hindus are our enemy', draws ire

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Sher Azam Wazir, in his address in the assembly, said that "Hindus are our enemy". Wazir, however, apologised over his choice of words and said that he should have used the word "Hindustan" (India) instead.

Play cancelled after fringe group protests ‘portrayal of Armymen’

The play was a part of the Navras performing arts festival at JKK between February 16 and 24. ‘Eidgah ke Jinnat’, which opened at the festival on Monday, is the Hindi-Urdu version of a critically acclaimed 2012 play called ‘Djinns of Eidgah’.

India filled with cautious hope after new govt in Pakistan: Envoy Ajay Bisaria

Pakistan's newly elected PM, Imran Khan had recently called for resolving differences through dialogue, Khan said, "the best way to alleviate poverty and uplift the people of the subcontinent is to resolve our differences through dialogue and start trading.”

Ahead of 2+2 dialogue, US to Delhi: Will call out Pak for not doing enough against terror groups

Sources told The Indian Express that India was quite pleased about the Trump administration’s tough stance against Pakistan, and that has been reflected in Washington’s cancellation of $300 million disbursement for the Pakistan’s military.


India lodges strong protest with Pakistan over amendments to Azad J&K Interim Constitution

India was reacting to the changes to the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Interim Constitution (13th Amendment) Act, 2018, which abolished the AJK Councils's administrative and financial powers, reducing it to an advisory body.

Same crises, more meddlers

Nuclear weapons have not offered India and Pakistan the promised strategic independence. They have made the two countries dependent on the whims of external mediators during a crisis.

Was India's refusal to play cricket with Pakistan a self-goal ?

Many Pakistanis believe that the presence of international players is, really, a defeat not only for the BCCI or the Narendra Modi government which has laid down the very tough condition of an end to terrorism before any people-to-people ties can be resumed, but also for the people of India

Telecope: The brawl on screen

On David Headley’s deposition, news TV was at its most offensive