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Saudi Aramco has assured Indian refiners of no supply shortage: Oil Ministry

A massive drone strike on the world's largest crude-processing facility operated by Saudi Arabia's Aramco has driven oil prices to their highest level in nearly four months.

India's oil consumption rises for third month before Lok Sabha Elections

Demand for liquefied petroleum gas is also surging, with state refiners seeking to import cargoes of the cooking fuel as the government tries to keep voter morale high by ensuring rural households are well supplied.


India to surpass China to become 2nd largest oil demand centre in 2019

In a report, Wood Mackenzie said India's oil demand growth recovered strongly in 2018, overcoming the aftermath of the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and demonetisation, and contributed 14 per cent of the global demand growth or 2,45,000 barrels per day.

US: Exploring alternative oil supplies to ensure 'our friend India's economy' not adversely affected

The US has made it clear that any country that continues to do business with Iran will be blocked from accessing the American banking and financial system.

Crude risk

Comfort from cheap oil is something the Modi government cannot rely on as it enters its third year

Iraq will not sell crude to India at a special price: Shahristani

Deputy PM for Energy offered to set up joint enterprises and invited investments in Iraq.


India and Iraq consider local currencies as medium of exchange after rupee decline

Value of trade between India and Iraq stands at 21 billion US dollars.

Oil Ministry backs more Iran crude import before Obama's meeting with Manmohan

US has declared its will to negotiate after election of Rouhani as Iranian president.

India's April Iran oil imports plunge 34 pct vs March-trade

Iraq 2nd biggest supplier in Jan-April 2012,replacing Iran; India's monthly oil imports in April fall 5.7 pct,down 2.2 pct from yr ago; Hindustan Mittal Energy purchased UAE oil; Essar emerges as Iran's biggest Indian oil client,replacing MRPL.

Iran sanctions: For US,Japan unlikely to be standard for India

In case of New Delhi,Washington would definitely be considering India's galloping energy needs.