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An exhibition celebrates the tree through the works of 40 artists

Working on the exhibition for over a year now, Uma Nair has brought together a collection that represents the modern and the contemporary.

In the Greens

Jaipur-based Shah shares two bronzes — an Untitled 2008 work with an archetypal head and a bust designed with knife incisions, and the 2006 linear work Head of King.


History in Folds and Borders

As Vimor completes 45 years, a look at the legacy it has braided with the weaver community

Picturing a Better World

Pankaj Sekhsaria’s photographs of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands depict the abundant beauty of the region while also addressing its geopolitical issues

Strokes of Rebellion

A book and an exhibition recall the art of Brij Mohan Anand.

Remembering the legacy of Rajinder Puri

They stressed on the need for “upright journalists” and how Puri’s death would impact the media.


Shapes and Sizes

Artist Neha Sharma uses geometry to bridge the gap between the visible and invisible in her latest exhibition.

‘Vinod Mehta had a great talent for letting people get on with their jobs’: BBC bureau chief

Family and friends gathered to share their memories of Vinod Mehta's life and work.

Pay It Forward: A documentary distils the essence of organ donation

Sifting through a series of complex issues, a documentary distils the essence of organ donation in India

Photography exhibition showcases environmental degradation

A photography exhibition uses the backdrop of the Periyar Tiger Reserve to showcase environmental degradation