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Linking patriotism to women’s bodies is uncalled for

The latest firing of this salvo occurred in the Prime Minister’s Independence Day speech, in which it was declared that having small families is a form of “patriotism”. Such exhortations primarily target women, their bodies and their reproductive autonomy.

Government’s measures show that it is responsive to the economic slowdown

While economic alarmists from certain quarters may continue to spread the not so festive cheer, hard facts point towards a healthy Indian economy well on its way towards a decisive turnaround.


A straw that is worth clutching at

Boosting farm incomes is the best way to combat the Indian economy’s woes today.

Two ways to look at GDP

The debate over the validity of India’s new growth estimates refuses to die. Its detractors point to the disconnect between GDP and other macro indicators. But others caution against snap judgments.

Modi 2.0 must do something to improve ‘well-being’ of an ordinary Indian

Whether you prefer to believe or dismiss Gallup, your WhatsApp feed or the government’s GDP figures, let us agree that the state of well-being of the ordinary Indian is far from ideal.

Will come out with point-to-point rebuttal: EAC-PM on ex-CEA Arvind Subramanian’s GDP claims

The Council pointed out several flaws in Subramanian’s analysis, arguing that he used questionable proxy indicators and his research did not allow for GDP increases on the basis of productivity gains.


China back as world's fastest growing economy as India's GDP growth falters

According to the 2017 World Bank data, China's economy has ballooned to 12.24 trillion US dollar and is nearly five times bigger than India's 2.6 trillion US dollar economy.

Current account deficit widens to 2.5% of GDP in Q3

Current account deficit was at 2.1% of GDP in third quarter of 2017-18

Cloud over economic data invites questions about government’s sincerity

There seems to be a systematic pattern in distorting and/or withholding public information that could throw a harsh light on the government’s performance. This is the time for all democratically-minded people to raise their voice against the tendency.

GDP and its assumptions

New GDP back series does what the government needs it to — shows that growth during its term has been higher than during the UPA regime.