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Agri trade policy: A belated move from pro-consumer to pro-producer

Farmers’ woes in recent times has been partly global prices-driven, but also government-induced.

Lab to land: Addressing Indian agriculture’s weakest link — Extension

The work of state agriculture department staff is today largely reduced to input distribution and dishing out small subsidy sums under a plethora of fragmented schemes to farmers, as opposed to extension.


Centre’s cash transfer to cover 90% of sown area

Sources said transfer of Rs 4,000 per acre in a year by the Centre for land-owning farmers appears to be the proposal that has gained most traction.

IARI breeds nutrient-rich hybrid maize

The Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) here has bred a hybrid maize — Pusa Vivek QPM 9 Improved — that is claimed to be the world’s first ever rich in lysine and tryptophan as well as pro-vitamin A.

Big data for farmers

Incorporating all factors that affect crop yields into Soil Health Cards will make them a comprehensive guide for farmers.

From Plate to Plough: Timidity and technology

Vajpayee government’s decision to introduce GM cotton made India a leader in production of the crop. Can the Modi government give a green signal to improve varieties of GM cotton and Bt brinjal and GM mustard?


A smart card for the farmer

Better designed Kisan Credit Card can help improve access to institutional credit and ensure crop insurance.

Price spiral: A tale of two commodities -- sugar, wheat

A buffer stock for sugar could have been useful today, as it has proved for wheat.

Financial stress may hit your brain and wallet: study

People worrying about having enough money to pay their bills tend to lose 13 IQ points temporarily.