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Dena, Vijaya, Bank of Baroda to merge to form India's 3rd largest bank: Govt

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the government did not want a merger of weak banks, and has hence suggested the idea of amalgamating one weak bank and two strong banks, in order to create an entity which is able to increase banking operations.

Indian economy projected to grow 7.6 per cent in 2018-19, says UN report

"Among the major economies, growth in India is gaining momentum, underpinned by robust private consumption, a slightly more supportive fiscal stance and benefits from past reforms," the UN report said.


Employment growth has not kept up pace with economic growth, says rating agency Care

The rating agency said the services sector has extended some relief, but manufacturing has failed to create jobs in recent times and called for proactive measures from the government

Across the Aisle: India at 70 - The Economy

It is time to do a health-check of the economy as free India completes 70 years.

Evaluating Narendra Modi's two years of governance

If Monsoon 2016 is as expected, then the first three years of the Modi government will be the best three years for India’s economy since 1996, and possibly the best three consecutive years since Independence

Good monsoon to boost growth in FY17, says CII chief Naushad Forbes

According to Forbes, despite risk factors, most indicators seemed to point that the economy is headed in the right direction.


India only ray of hope in world economy: PM Modi

The Prime Minister also said that the whole world is looking towards India to provide impetus for economic growth.

What a ‘start-up’ entails

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday unveiled a slew of incentives for start-ups, offering them a tax holiday and inspector raj-free regime for three years among other benefits.

No Proof Required: Jaago, aur jaagte raho

GDP price deflator is negative. So why can’t the RBI cut rates?

Golden rule is to have patience

Experts say investors should take it as an opportunity to accumulate gold as part of their asset allocation rather than sell out holdings and exit.