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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

India economy


Rural pinches more in high inflation states

May 17, 2022 12:42 pm

Retail inflation has persisted above the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI’s) inflation target for the fourth straight month, with price levels rising to an 8-year high of 8.38 per cent in rural areas in April while urban inflation was at a 18-month high of 7.09 per cent.

Bumps in road ahead: Inflation hit on capital flows, unemployment

February 01, 2022 6:35 am

The Economic Survey notes that supply chain disruptions and slow economic growth have contributed to an increase in inflation. Withdrawal of stimulus in developed economies in the upcoming fiscal is likely to affect capital flows into the nation.

India's economy has some bright spots, a number of very dark stains: Raghuram Rajan

January 23, 2022 11:29 am

🔴 Known for his frank views, Raghuram Rajan also said the government needs to do more to prevent a K-shaped recovery of the economy hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

Rising income inequality is cause of concern

December 10, 2021 8:40 am

🔴 Increasing GDP pie, enabling access to education, healthcare can help resolve issue

Das: Our motto is to ensure soft landing that is well timed

December 09, 2021 1:14 am

“Our motto is to ensure a soft landing that is well timed,” Das said after unveiling the bimonthly monetary policy.

Core output up 7.5% in October: Natural gas, coal lead growth

December 01, 2021 4:12 am

In October 2020, the output of the core sectors — coal, crude oil, natural gas, refinery products, fertilisers, steel, cement and electricity — had contracted 0.5 per cent, the data showed.

Navratri to Diwali: Credit flow this festive season hit a four-year high

November 24, 2021 11:13 am

According to RBI data, credit disbursement in the two fortnights from October 8 to November 5, 2021 — this covers Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali — amounted to Rs 150,278 crore, significantly higher than that in 2020, when it amounted to Rs 81,361 crore in the two fortnights covering Diwali and Dussehra.

India's GDP likely to grow 8.1% in Q2 FY22: SBI report

November 22, 2021 6:27 pm

The average GDP growth of 28 selected economies has decelerated to 4.5 per cent in Q3 (2021) as against 12.1 per cent.

India needs a coordinated approach for decarbonisation of economy

November 18, 2021 7:05 am

Daljit Singh writes: Long-term planning process must be changed and an autonomous, credible agency must provide independent advice, monitor progress.

Corporate India witnessed strong performance in second quarter, even as demand and supply side issues pose challenges

October 19, 2021 9:06 am

As households rebuild their balance-sheets, demand is unlikely to perk up materially. Weak household demand and low capacity utilisation, in turn, signal subdued private investment.