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India-china standoff: Congress hails Doklam truce but warns against claiming victory

“We have been consistently saying that there should be a meaningful engagement and a dialogue to end the standoff as early as possible. Today it has come to an end. It reflects maturity of both countries," CPI leader D Raja said

Far away from Doklam, traders who went to Tibet are welcomed, asked, ‘Bhai, late kyun?’

Shipki La in Himachal is the second border outpost for trade with Tibet, apart from Nathu La in Sikkim


Letter to the Editor: Manage floods

The monsoon will always be sporadic. Leave alone big cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai, Assam, which faces flood almost on a yearly basis, has not found a mechanism to manage the floods and reduce the loss, both of human lives and public property.

Doklam resolution

Delhi, Beijing deserve diplomatic credit. Going ahead, an appreciation of the costs of conflict must inform relations

Don’t be intimidated by China: India to Bhutan

Bhutan has conveyed to the Chinese side, both on the ground and through diplomatic channels, that the construction of a road inside Bhutanese territory is a direct violation of agreements and affects the process of demarcating the boundary between the two countries.

Simply put: Where things stand on the Dolam plateau

Indian and Chinese troops are arrayed face-to-face on the Dolam plateau, close to the Indian Army post of Doka La, located between Batang La to the north and Gymochen to the south.


Ajit Doval lands in Beijing amid Doklam standoff

The NSA reached Beijing on Wednesday to attend a two-day BRICS security summit. "To resolve this issue, the Indian border troops must withdraw without further ado, as Foreign Minister Wang Yi said. That would be the precondition and basis for any meaningful dialogue," said Lu.

Dancing on the edge

India’s internal situation, from Gorkhaland to Kashmir, has become more fragile than it has been in a decade. The Chinese might think it is easier to put an Indian government on the back foot, and in part that seems to be the intention. India has to find that sweet spot where it can signal that it cannot be pushed around easily.

Withdrawal of Indian troops precondition for 'meaningful dialogue': China

India China Doklam standoff: “Our diplomatic channel is unimpeded and the withdrawal of the Indian border troops is the precondition for any meaningful dialogue and the communication between the two sides,” Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Lu Kang told reporters.

Objectives of military conflict: Nehru, through his spymaster

Six years on, India would find itself fighting an ultimately disastrous war with China in which no clear objective was served, but which continues to cast a long shadow over bilateral relations.