Independence Day Special

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Take That Back

The Dasgupta girls go to Kmart on the anniversary of India’s Independence

My Freedom, Your Freedom

Artists Gigi Scaria, Veer Munshi, Venkat Shyam, Reena Kallat, Manjunath Kamath and Ravi Agarwal, and Indian Express photographer Javed Raja, respond, through their works, to the idea of liberty and what it means in a country that remains riven with deep divisions.


And Still I Write

‘A friend tells me that we should earn more money to be more free’.

1947-2019: A Bollywood playlist

Ankur Bhardwaj, Seema Chishti and Sushant Singh, authors of Note by Note: The India Story: 1947-2017, pick a song for each decade of free India.

Sarita’s Story

In a war-torn city, there are many stories, but only one pencil with which to write them

Rain Crust

'I want to be free of climate, of weather...'


The Wall

After 14 years in prison, why couldn't Murderer Mathukutty walk away from the jail?

What does freedom mean to young Indians?

A new generation, aged between 12 and 18, from across the country, tell us what the ideas of freedom and patriotism mean to them.

A Free Kick in a Dangerous Position

The end of marriage and a football match.

The meaning of Patriotic Indian, according to Bollywood

Exploring the changing face of nationalism, from the idealistic days of Raj Kapoor and Manoj Kumar down to the jingoistic fervour of Sunny Deol and Akshay Kumar.

Independence Day Special Videos

Independence Day Special: India Of My Dreams

As India gears up for its 72nd Independence Day, we ask what is their dream for a better India. From affordable education to safety for women, presenting the wishlist for a brighter India.


Nabrangpur District Zero: Independence Day Special

Nabarangpur: Tracking change and challenge in India’s poorest district. SEE FULL SERIES HERE:

Nabrangpur District Zero: Express Special Part II

Nabarangpur: Tracking change and challenge in India’s poorest district. SEE FULL SERIES HERE: