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Gur chana: Immunity booster to ideal post-workout snack

Remember gur channa? The mix of roasted chickpeas and gur or jaggery is a powerhouse of energy, besides having numerous other health benefits.

Be ready for seasonal changes with this healthy millet drink

If you eat primarily junk, processed and refined food, the occasional whole food won’t do any good to your immunity.


National Nutrition Week 2019: Simple ways to boost your immune system

What we eat definitely plays a major role in shaping our health, but it is also important to pay attention to how we eat. Food should be consumed slowly and attentively, with a peaceful mind.

From lassi to kombucha, our fascination with fermentation continues

Spilling The Beans - 1: South Indian staples from idlis to appams and dosas feature fermented rice-and-dal batters; while in the North, fermentation has led to probiotic drinks suited to the regional climate from the creamy lassi to the tart-and-salty kanji.

From immunity booster to liver cleanser: The many health benefits of cold-pressed coconut oil

Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil can be used for daily food preparations. One can even consume a  spoonful directly every morning.

World Immunization Week 2018: Why is it observed and significance of the theme of 2018

According to WHO, this year's theme — 'Protected Together, #VaccinesWork' helps encourage people to put in more efforts to increase immunisation coverage for the greater good. Some of the diseases eradicated by vaccines are smallpox, polio and malaria.


Excess vitamin A disrupts immune system

Too much Vitamin A shuts down the body's trained immunity, opening door to infections to which we would otherwise be immune.

Potential vaccine for dengue discovered by researchers in Singapore

By introducing a genetic mutation,the virus' ability escape detection by immunity can be relegated.

Immunity varies with rhythm of body clock

It has been found that the immune system and the body’s internal clock are intimately tied.

Sex hormones 'beat common cold'

Study found young women make a much stronger immune response to rhinoviruses than young men.