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A good night's sleep can improve your body's immune response: Study

The importance of sleep for one's mental and physical well-being has been highlighted by various studies time and again. However, a new study has established a link between sleep and the body's immune system.

Diet diary: Fight autoimmune diseases, take your vitamins

Autoimmune problems have a strong genetic predisposition but triggers may include excessive exposure to sun, infections, drugs or other conditions.


How nutrition and diet can influence autoimmune diseases

Our immune system protects us from various diseases.

Healthy diet can delay and reverse autoimmune diseases

Whether diet influences autoimmunity has been the subject of several unresolved debates.

Newborns have strong immune system

Although their immune system works very differently from that of adults, babies may be able to mount a stronger immune defence than previously thought.

How infants' immune system forgets to kill bacteria

Know why does your infant get infections every now and then? It has nothing to do with weak immunity.


Our immune system works overtime to get rid of cancer cells

Researchers found that immune system was responsible for eliminating potentially cancerous immune B cells in early stages

Immune cell and breast cancer link identified

Women are more susceptible to breast cancer during menstrual cycle.

Red grapes and blueberries may boost immunity

Scientists examined the effects of 446 different chemical compounds on the immune system.

Poor sleep in pregnancy can disrupt immune system

Pregnancy often is associated with changes in sleep patterns,including poor sleep quality.