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India seeks Congressional help over immigration bill

Discriminatory provisions of the immigration bill will cause damage to the Indian companies in US.

Briefly World: British govt introduces tough immigration bill

British government introduced a bill that would require immigration checks to accompany private housing applications and health care access.


Immigration reform bill will pass: US treasury secretary

Conservatives have criticised the Senate version of the overhaul.

Indian IT steps up US hiring to work around immigration Bill

The $76-billion Indian IT services export industry has increased the momentum of local hiring.

Indian rupee slide has only short-term benefits: Nasscom chief

The proposed US Immigration Bill will have a negative impact on American companies.

Iimmigration bill to reduce deficit by $175 bn in 10 years

The bill,if passed by the Congress in its present form,will save $197 billion in 10 years.


Immigration bill: US Senate votes for a debate on the controversial legislation

11 million illegal immigrants stand to gain if the immigration bill is signed into law.

US President Barack Obama lauds contribution of Asian Americans

Obama's comments came in the backdrop of a Whit House-backed immigration bill.

Killer H1B provisions still in immigration bill

The immigration bill passed by a Senate panel contains a problematic provision.

In battle for US visas,countries put best foot forward

The government of South Korea hired a former CIA analyst,two White House veterans and a team of ex-congressional staff members to help secure a few paragraphs in the giant immigration Bill.