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Confusion, empathy in New York as hundreds of immigrant children brought from border

With no information on how many children were brought to city, New Yorkers pool in with toys, other supplies.

'Dreamers' left in limbo as Senate rejects immigration bills

Senators dealt President Donald Trump an especially galling defeat. More than a quarter of his fellow Republicans abandoned him and voted against a measure based on priorities he had spelled out.


Is Donald Trump strategically pushing out non-Americans from the United States?

If you pull back for a moment from the distracting cacophony engineered by Trump, you'll realize that there is a plan after all. The dots do connect.

Silence of Muslim-majority Saudi Arabia, Egypt on Donald Trump’s Immigrant ban is loud. Here is how

While Iran and Iraq – two of the seven targeted countries -- have strongly criticized Trump's order and vowed to retaliate, the criticism for what is widely labeled as a “Muslim ban” from rest of the Muslim-majority countries has been subdued and slow to trickle in.

CEOs of world's biggest companies are pushing against Trump's temporary immigration ban

The heads of Apple, Ford and Goldman Sachs said that they don't support the executive order the president signed last week, Google said its donating cash to organisations supporting immigrants