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The wrong reform

Suggestion that rank of brigadier be eliminated, command and control be restructured are ill-informed.

Perpetuating impunity

Maharashtra’s police complaints authorities are designed to be cosmetic sops


Against the flows

India needs to proceed with caution on full capital account liberalisation

How the Department of Telecommunications killed an Indian Facebook

To replicate the energy of Jan Kuom and Brian Acton requires thinking on the feet and that is what this plan would have brought.

Kejriwal’s capitalism

If Kejriwal is sincere about his belief in capitalism, he is mixing in very odd company.

A seat for Modi

Unlike other cities from where Modi flies out after addressing rallies, he halted at several points, including local temples, in Varanasi.


Societal contradictions

Family living style is an important criterion to gauge a candidate’s ability to take responsibility at work.

The new vote banks

The haste with which the Congress pushed the creation of Telangana was a classic example of segment marketing, but there are numerous others.

Is Parliament necessary?

No ruling party wants Parliament to function. Let them riot, but to not legislate is the mantra.

A new state, in the dark

Telangana bill’s journey through Parliament cast a shadow on its legitimacy