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Strange but true: Solid in Tests, not quite in ODIs

Despite the 4-0 ODI drubbing, the Indian skipper will look ahead to the first Test in Auckland with more optimism than dread.

Fog ahead

We need to ask why court’s efforts to clean up are not bringing clarity,accountability.


Short-circuiting the free market

Fundamentally,a power plant considered at par with any other factory producing goods.

Kejriwal's waterfront

AAP’s water subsidy for Delhi is a perfect example of reverse Robin Hood engineering — taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

‘Unlike the Congress,the Muslim League failed to create a social and economic programme,or rural-urban alliances’

Maya Tudor,a lecturer in government and public policy at Oxford University,recently published ‘The Promise of Power’,investigating the origins of India and Pakistan’s regime divergence in the aftermath of independence.

Persecuted by law

Non-Muslims in Pakistan are threatened by both the state and non-state actors.


The almost man

Ever since the victory in 2009,Congress veterans have been trying to cut Manmohan Singh down to size.

New Year resolutions

Individuals and issues that are making and shaking news.

Of rats and other survivors

First,let me give credit to the friend (she knows who she is) who gave me the idea to write a piece on ‘turncoats’.

Inside Track

The PMO has consequently initiated the process for selecting a Lokpal.