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What Modi could learn from Deng

Keep a low profile while growing your strength. Keep the focus on domestic development

Our enchanted world

Scepticism has made the supernatural safe, even fun


Ebola and hysteria

America isn’t battling the virus as much as the mania around it.

An escape from ideology

Like Sheherzad of Arabian Nights, Intizar Husain tells stories without moral lessons

A command economy of opinion

The media industry worries little about the Indian government now. Its concern is rather about revenues, which are still tiny in relation to the size of its audience.

Fifth column: Sonia’s loving message

So fascinated was I by Sonia’s Bharatiyata appeal that I watched it more than once in Hindi and in English and longer I watched, the more I saw a case for slander.


Flip side: Will and testament

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is busy writing his final will and testament, in the political context of course. His publishers, however, have leaked some portions in advance. Excerpts:

Inside track: Que sera sera

Among the many delightful nuggets in Sanjaya Baru’s controversial book, The Accidental Prime Minister, is the one where a puzzled Manmohan Singh cross-questioned his media adviser, Baru, as to the meaning of the expression, ‘Que Sera Sera’.

Out of my mind: Who would want to be PM?

Prime Ministers’ reputations have lately been trashed, not just for the incumbent — who has been the subject of two books — but also the last PM.

A dark chapter

Iraq’s decision to shut down the Abu Ghraib prison was long overdue