Air safety oversight mechanism: DGCA categorises carriers on the basis of aircraft size

The ICAO had highlighted 70 findings and recommendations related to lack of organisational structure in DGCA.

Yemen Airspace Closure: Overworked Mumbai ATC dials ICAO for help

ATC has to now handle 60 additional flights daily; it coordinated a record 851 flight movements on May 14.


ICAO to audit India in November

The FAA had subsequently downgraded India to category II status in safety oversight capability in January 2014

Russia has doubts about draft UN crash resolution

Russian Ambassador said that the draft "does not accurately reflect the need for an impartial, international investigation.''

DGCA to fill all flight operations inspector posts by March-end

The audits raised concerns over lack of full-time FOIs in the DGCA.

Kanpur may share international airport code with Lucknow

Once Kanpur gets the international code of Lucknow Airport,the cargos will land in Lucknow.


Aviation ministry bats for own security force

BCAS needs six times more personnel than what it currently deploys across all airports.

After global body,US regulator,now Japan wants to audit DGCA

Seeks ‘safety talk’; India rejects concerns,says already cleared by ICAO.

Patna airport set to be declared unfit for jets

Downgrade threat after safety concerns over length of runway.

India to be struck off ‘safety concern’ list: DGCA

India is set to be removed from the list of nations having significant aviation safety concerns