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Pakistan should normalise relations with India, then talk Kashmir: Haqqani

"..Pakistan can do other things like trade, travel and education and then talk about Kashmir, instead of doing it the other way round,” he said.

Book review: Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

In his new book, former Pakistani diplomat Husain Haqqani urges India and Pakistan to engage with each other as countries rather than as communities still caught up in communal politics


In Haqqani's book, ex-ISI chief on 26/11: 'Log hamarey thhe, operation hamara nahin thha'

"Pakistani nationalism is defined as anti-Indianism; in India a new nationalism is emerging to delegitimize India’s minorities and by extension, delegitmising a neighbouring country where a minority is in a majority," Haqqani said.

‘In 1992,Sharif supported ISI activities in Kashmir’

In the letter dated May 10,1992,Baker threatened that unless Pakistan discontinued its support for terrorism in Kashmir,the US might declare it a state sponsor of terrorism.

Change in Pak approach towards India unlikely: Hussain Haqqani

We will have a kind of a hug-hug,but no substantial changed attitude towards India,says Pak diplomat.

Memo commission report political and one sided: Haqqani

Commission had concluded that Haqqani was behind a memo that sought US help to stave off feared coup


Memogate unleashes storm in Pak

Mullen confirms receiving memo which promises to allow US to target Qaeda militants

Pak envoy to US offers to resign

‘Coup’ memo: Husain Haqqani says not seeking asylum in US

US tells Pak to release Davis or its envoy would be 'kicked out'

National Security Advisor Donilon conveyed the warning to Pakistani envoy Haqqani this week.

Floods in Pak caused by Siachen militarisation: Envoy

Hussain Haqqani said that one of the reasons for recent floods in Pakistan could be heavily-militarised on Siachen glacier.