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Scotland is scrutinising its laws after a US hunter killed a 'beautiful' goat

While many defenders of hunting see it as an honorable, skilled and bonding experience, others denounce it as unnecessary waste in the modern age and detrimental to the environment and to the animals who roam in the wild.

4 leopard skins, live pangolin seized in Nabarangpur district

Nabarangpur in southern Odisha is the subject of a year-long assignment by The Indian Express.


Hunter pays $60,000 to kill biggest elephant

The elephant's death echoed the killing in July of Cecil, a rare black-maned lion and well-known denizen of Hwange National Park in western Zimbabwe.

Assam govt mulls salary hike for forest guards

Tarun Gogoi stressed on the need to modernise the weapons of the forest guards.

The Sound of Antiquity

Two Arctic throat singers from Canada vocalise one of the world’s oldest forms of music

A new home

The Gir lions aren’t the only ones to be translocated; many animals before them have been shifted—to varying results


Kim Kardashian hunts for her own engagement ring

American socialite Kim Kardashian has been revealed to be hunting for her own engagement ring.