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Explained: Why number of hungry is rising

After number fell from 2003 to 2014, UN data find trend reversed. Yet since 2014, global farm commodity prices have been falling. Here is why that has not stopped the rise in the number of hungry people

Rahul Gandhi targets PM Modi on hunger, says he forgot to give food to people

"The chowkidaar (watchman) gave a lot of speeches, but forgot about people's stomach. Did a lot of Yoga and enjoyed life, but forgot to give food to people," Congress president Rahul Gandhi said in Hindi on Twitter.


A food ingredient that reduces hunger

Scientists have found that an ingredient, when added to daily food, can make people feel full and prevent weight gain.

What is Hunger? A rag-picker who got a burger treat will tell you

Youtube channel Old Delhi Films' latest video titled Hunger presents this touching story.

Instant oatmeal in breakfast manages hunger better

Love ready-to-eat oat cereal in breakfast but do not get that feeling of "fullness"? Switch to instant oatmeal.

Evening blue light exposure tied to increased hunger

Blue-enriched light exposure immediately before and during the evening meal may increase hunger and alter metabolism, says a study.


High intensity workouts may curb people's appetite: study

Overweight men ate about 200 fewer calories following a vigorous workout after rest.

No person will be allowed to die of hunger in Bihar: Nitish

Bihar government said that not a single person would be allowed to die of hunger despite 26 out of 38 district facing drought like situation.

Seasonal cycles promote global hunger

Most of the world’s hunger doesn’t occur in conflicts or natural disasters but is actually driven by seasonal cycle,according to a new research.

Fatty foods 'fire up hunger hormone'

Researchers have found that the hunger hormone is activated by fats from the foods people eat – and not those made in the body – to optimise nutrient metabolism and promote storage of body fat.

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A Mission To Free People From Hunger

A group of volunteers consisting of young professionals and college students came together to feed thousands of underprivileged people. This group have served 1.99 million people in 70 cities under its #MissionMillion2018 campaign

Rohith Vemula suicide: JNU students sit on hunger strike

New Delhi, Jan 25 (ANI): Jawaharlal Nehru University students sat on hunger strike to protest against the Dalit scholar's suicide at the University of Hyderabad. One of protestors said they want the accused politicos to resign as soon as possible.