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Sleeping on streets a crime in Hungary

The police have the authority to detain people sleeping on the streets and destroy their personal belongings if they disobey the law thrice within a 90-day period.

How Viktor Orban established an 'illiberal state' in Hungary right under European leaders' noses

Orban is now seen as a threat to Europe’s mainstream leadership, especially the conservative alliance that for years chose to shelter him


Class X Pune girl in team India at Junior Fed Cup 2016 in Hungary

The other two players to have qualified are Sathwika Sama from Hyderabad and Mahak Jain from Indore, in addition to two reserves.

After Hungary closes border, thousands of migrants surge into Slovenia as alternative route

Hungary shut down its border with Croatia to the free flow of migrants, prompting Croatia to redirect thousands of people toward its border with Slovenia.

Fence on Slovenian border is temporary, says Hungary

Prime Minister Viktor Orban told reporters Friday that Hungary would not put anything on that border that can't be "cleaned up" within a day.

Denmark's intel agency denies terrorists using migration flow to enter Europe

A graph that shows which sections of refugee routes have been blocked by EU countries.


Migrants surge into Western Europe through Austria

Austrian police reported 6,700 new arrivals from Hungary since midnight.

Migrant crisis: Croatia shuts most Serbia border crossings, angering Serbia

Many of the migrants are Syrians and Iraqis fleeing war, who are seeking safety and prosperity in Germany and elsewhere in Western Europe.

This map tracks the journey of migrants through Greece to EU

Here's a story map that tracks the journey of migrants through Greece to the EU.

Europe migrant crisis: Hungarian riot police deploy tear gas, water cannons to keep refugees out

With their path blocked, hundreds of other asylum-seekers turned to a longer, more arduous path to Western Europe through Croatia, where officials said 1,300 had arrived in a single day.