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Cambodia's Hun Sen takes selfies in first appearance since controversial election

Hun Sen, who ruled Cambodia for nearly 33 years, took 'selfies' with supporters and enjoyed a boat ride following Sunday's election in which his Cambodian People's Party (CPP) said it had won all 125 parliamentary seats.

Cambodia's Hun Sen coasts to win after opposition silenced

Although 20 parties contested the election, the only one with the popularity and organization to mount a real challenge, the Cambodian National Rescue Party, was dissolved last year by the Supreme Court in a ruling generally seen as political.


Cambodia wakes to another era of Hun Sen rule after 'flawed' election

The White House said it would consider steps, including an expansion of visa restrictions placed on some Cambodian government members, in response to "flawed elections" in which there was no significant challenger to Hun Sen.

Crackdown on PM Hun Sen's critics in Cambodia 'disaster' for media freedom: rights group

Rights groups have condemned the crackdown by Hun Sen's government against opposition politicians, independent media and some non-governmental groups.

Cambodia opposition says determined to run in 2018 elections

Prime Minister Hun Sen, who has been in power for more than three decades, has threatened to dissolve the party if it gets involved in legal proceedings against Kem Sokha.

Cambodian PM Hun Sen: I'll rule 10 more years; don't be jealous

In power for 32 years, Hun Sen is already the world's longest-serving prime minister and among its longest-serving leaders. In 2007, he said he wanted to retire at age 90, but backtracked on the claim in 2015.


Cambodian Prime Minister says United States behind plot by opposition leader

"It's the United States. It's an act of treason with conspiracy with foreign country, betraying his own nation, this requires arrest," Hun Sen said. Details of the alleged plot have not been made public.

Cambodian opposition makes gains in local elections

More than seven million Cambodians voted in yesterday's commune elections, the first time they have headed to the polls since 2013's disputed election result.

Critics dog Cambodia's leader as he marks 30 years in power

Hun Sen has consolidated power with violence and intimidation of opponents that continue to draw criticism from human rights advocates.

Cambodian opposition rejects poll results,demands inquiry

1.2 million to 1.3 million people names were missing,they deleted our rights to vote: Sam Rainsy