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The Great Indian Laughter Challenge: India is a funny country without a sense of humour

India is a funny country without a sense of humour. And stand-up comics have been watching their mouth long before the moral brigade got the All India Bakchod to zip up.

10 types of metro travellers we love to hate

'Types' of people you'll come across when travelling in metro, based on a study of over three years of (my) experience.


8 creative ideas to make India drug free

We need something different and creative. Here are 8 ideas that will work for sure.

Ten texting disasters that will make you laugh out loud

A typing mistake or an auto correction in your text message can sometimes lead to embarrassing situations. We pick ten such gems that went viral on web. Warning: don’t read this story in office, you might disturb you colleagues with your loud cackles.  

Watch this video if you want to know your laughing style

Do you grunt like a pig as you laugh, or take pauses in between the bouts of laughing?

Don't watch this video if you are a 'boss'

Bosses are one of the most dreaded creatures on the planet. At least, that's what the stereotypes suggest.


I like my lips black: Watch this video if you have used this reason to smoke

YouTube channel Old Delhi Films has come up with a brilliant video - Stupid reasons to smoke.

Class humour

Hrithik Roshan is displaying a wicked sense of humour that is getting him more chuckles and certainly many more fans.

Watch this video if you are a 'Bombay' girl

Check out Culture Machine's latest spoof video on Every Bombay Girl in the World.

Laugh it off

Dubai-based stand-up comedian Nitin Mirani talks about his brand of humour and how he strikes a chord with Indian audiences