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IIT Madras team comes up with device that generates potable water out of thin air

Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG), the brainchild of Ramesh Kumar, T Pradeep and Ankit Nagar, who founded Vayujal Technologies Pvt Ltd in September 2017, harness the moisture in the air to provide potable water.

Delhi: Hot and mid day in Capital

Friday, the maximum temperature had settled at 36.8 degrees. The minimum was 26 degrees Celsius.


Down in Junglel and the Nonsoon of Delhi

The endless wait for rain in the capital

River of Blood

Assam receives some of the highest rainfall in the world,and along with it,waves of destruction and sorrow

Doctors issue advisory on water-borne diseases

With increase in humidity levels in Delhi-NCR,doctors in Gurgaon have issued precautionary guidelines to help avoid spurt in cases of water-borne diseases.

Monsoon to hit capital next week: Met dept

The capital received 11.6 mm of rain on Friday and cloudy skies kept the mercury lower that than the normal at this time of the year.


Rains reduce temperature

Past few days rainfall has ensured that the day temperature has stayed below normal,but there seems to be no respite from humidity.

Heat and high humidity forces people to throng beaches in Goa

"Usually,during such circumstances,people tend to get drowned because of the rush in the sea water," he said.

Mercury rising in Delhi,no relief in sight

Delhiites sweltered in scorching heat as the mercury rose above the 40-degree Celsius mark again with high humidity levels.